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Skin Damage Treatments in Rochester

Treatments for Skin Damage

Here at Clear skin we use the industry leading laser for skin revitalisation, The Picosure. Regain your confidence and love the skin you're in. Laser treatments carried out with the Picosure are not only almost pain free but also offer great results with minimal down time.

  • Acne scars reduction

  • Stretch mark reduction

  • Fine line and wrinkles

  • Freckle removal

  • Brown spots

  • Revitalisation facials


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Happy Customers
Roberta J.
 4 Jul 2023 8:25pm
''Another fantastic appointment with Dan. I can not recommend Dan enough, so professional and kind explains everything to you and puts you at ease, which is massive deal to me as I am 100 miles and hour and have anxiety. So if you want to be in safe hands then look no further. Dan is First class. Thanks again Dan :)''

Skin Damage FAQs

1. What types of skin damage can PicoSure treat?

  • PicoSure is effective in treating a range of skin damage, including sun damage, age spots, pigmentation irregularities, and overall skin texture issues.

2. How does PicoSure address sun damage?

  • PicoSure targets pigmented lesions caused by sun damage. The laser breaks down excess melanin, helping to reduce the appearance of sunspots and promote a more even skin tone.

3. Can PicoSure improve the texture of the skin?

  • Yes, PicoSure stimulates collagen and elastin production, which can contribute to improved skin texture. It's particularly effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. How does PicoSure differ from other laser treatments for skin damage?

  • PicoSure's ultra-short pulses and photoacoustic effect differentiate it from traditional lasers. This precision allows for effective treatment with minimal heat, resulting in shorter downtime and potentially requiring fewer sessions.

5. Is PicoSure suitable for treating age spots and freckles?

  • Yes, PicoSure can target and reduce the appearance of age spots and freckles by breaking down the excess pigmentation responsible for these skin concerns.

6. How many sessions are typically needed for skin damage treatments with PicoSure?

  • The number of sessions can vary based on the specific skin concern and individual factors. Many patients that come to Clear Skin Laser Treatments experience visible improvement after a series of sessions, with results continuing to develop over time.

7. Is there downtime after a PicoSure skin damage treatment?

  • Downtime is minimal compared to some other laser treatments. Patients may experience temporary redness or swelling, but these effects typically subside shortly after the procedure.

8. Can PicoSure help with acne scars or other types of scars?

  • Yes, PicoSure is effective in improving the appearance of acne scars and certain types of scars. It stimulates collagen production, helping to fill in and smooth out scarred areas.

9. Who is a suitable candidate for PicoSure skin damage treatments?

  • PicoSure is generally suitable for a wide range of skin types. However, we recommend a consultation with our clinic practitioners to assess individual factors and determine the appropriateness of the treatment.

10. When will I see noticeable results from PicoSure skin damage treatments?

  • Results may vary, but many patients notice improvement after a few sessions. Continued enhancement of skin texture and tone can occur over several weeks or months.

Prices & FAQs
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