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Cryotherapy in Rochester

Get Rid of Skin Imperfections With Cryopen® Cryotherapy

CryoPen therapy is a medical procedure that involves the application of nitrous oxide gas ejected under high pressure on to the skin. The gas is very cold which helps to freeze and destroy any benign lesions such as:

  • Skin Tags

  • Warts

  • Age Spots

  • Pigmented Spots

Cryopen Therapy at Clear Skin Laser Treatments

Cryotherapy at Clear Skin is available for both men and women and is suitable for all skin types.


It has four main benefits over other treatments:

  • CryoPen therapy takes far less time; with treatment sessions lasting less than 2 minutes 

  • No anaesthesia is required and it is virtually painless 

  • It is one of the least invasive lesion treatments in the market

  • It is used in the treatment of virtually any benign skin lesion

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Cryopen Therapy Rochester

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How Does Cryopen Therapy Work?

CryoPen therapy is a medical procedure that involves the application of nitrous oxide gas ejected under high pressure on to the skin. The gas is very cold which helps to freeze and destroy any benign lesions.

During the application, the tip of the CryoPen reaches -89°C. The reason for this is to create a thermal shock at the region where the gas is pointed by causing a rapid drop in temperatures.


The temperature drop has the effect of crystallising the fluid contents of the targeted cells, turning them into ice shards, resulting in the destruction of skin lesions as the membrane surrounding the treated cells is ruptured and destroyed.

The penetration of the cold is approximately 1mm per 5 seconds of treatment, so a 2mm sized lesion would take 10 seconds of nitrous oxide gas to treat.

During treatment, you may see a frost or ice-field on top of the lesion. This shouldn’t cause any worry as the frost usually goes away within a few seconds.


A common technique called freeze-thaw-freeze can sometimes be used to freeze, then defrost a frozen lesion, and then freeze it again.


Here, the frozen lesion is allowed to rest for 30 seconds and then a second treatment applied whereby the tissue will freeze faster second time around and destruction of the lesion is more guaranteed.

After treatment, it is advisable to leave the area uncovered as this speeds up the healing process, however, your practitioner may apply a simple dressing or plaster if there is a chance that the lesion may get rubbed or aggravated in any way.

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Happy Customers
Roberta J.
 4 Jul 2023 8:25pm
''Another fantastic appointment with Dan. I can not recommend Dan enough, so professional and kind explains everything to you and puts you at ease, which is massive deal to me as I am 100 miles and hour and have anxiety. So if you want to be in safe hands then look no further. Dan is First class. Thanks again Dan :)''

Cryopen Therapy FAQs

1. What is Cryopen Therapy?

  • Cryopen therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that utilises extreme cold temperatures to target and treat various skin conditions. It involves the use of a specialised device, the Cryopen, to deliver controlled freezing to specific areas of the skin.

2. What conditions can be treated with Cryopen Therapy?

  • Cryopen therapy is effective for treating a range of skin lesions, including warts, skin tags, moles, and other benign growths. It is also used for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing the appearance of age spots or pigmentation.

3. How does Cryopen Therapy work?

  • The Cryopen device emits a controlled flow of nitrous oxide (N2O) gas at a freezing temperature. This extreme cold freezes the water within cells, leading to cellular damage. Over time, the treated area sloughs off, revealing new, healthy skin.

4. Is Cryopen Therapy painful?

  • Patients may experience a brief discomfort during the procedure, often described as a stinging or tingling sensation. However, the discomfort is usually minimal and short-lived.

5. How long does a Cryopen Therapy session take?

  • The duration of a session can vary depending on the size and type of the lesion being treated. In general, at Clear Skin sessions are relatively quick, typically lasting a few minutes.

6. Are there any side effects of Cryopen Therapy?

  • After the procedure, patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or a scab forming at the treatment site. These effects are generally short-term and part of the natural healing process.

7. How many sessions are usually required?

  • The number of sessions required depends on the specific condition being treated. Some lesions may only require a single session, while others may need multiple treatments for optimal results.

8. Is Cryopen Therapy safe?

  • Cryopen therapy is considered safe when performed by trained and qualified professionals here at our Clinic. It is essential to have a consultation with one of our practitioners to determine the suitability of the treatment for your individual circumstances.

9. Can anyone undergo Cryopen Therapy?

  • While Cryopen therapy is generally safe, it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions or skin types may not be ideal candidates. A consultation with one of our professionals is recommended to assess eligibility.

10. How long does it take to see results?

  • Results can vary depending on the type of lesion and individual healing responses. Some individuals may see improvement shortly after the treatment, while others may notice gradual changes over a few weeks.

Please call the clinic or request a call back to discuss any of your concerns and we can answer all of your questions on a case by case basis. Every individual case is unique and we'll tailor your treatment plan to your exact needs.

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